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Below are comments submitted by Pete's family and friends. If you have a story or rememberance that you would like to share with Ken, Judy and Jeff or anyone who was close to Pete, we highly encourage you to take some time and leave your message.

Currently you cannot add new comments dynamically. If you would like to have a remembrance posted, please email it to with your name, and hometown.

Rob Gorrie
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, I remember back to the days of water-wings in Muskoka, crayfish hunting in Collingwood and BMX biking in Toronto. Lots of memories and good times... but you always ended up kicking my butt. I'll miss you. Ken, Judy and Jeff, my sincere condolences. Rob Gorrie
(Added on Fri Jul 18 17:00:42 EDT 2003)

Jennifer Stone
London, United Kingdom CDA
Pete-your contagious smile, laugh and sense of humour will truely be missed. Jeff-my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. My thoughts are with all of you in this time. Jen Stone
(Added on Sat Jul 19 12:26:18 EDT 2003)

Jane Leduc
Montreal, QC CDA
I am Alison Leduc's mother and have been thinking of nothing but you, Pete's family, since we heard the news on July the 9th. I am at a total loss for adequate words to soothe your grieving hearts but I know from sharing in Ali's stories of her summers working for Outland, that the Crompton boys were an integral part of the joy and satisfaction and memorable moments experienced by her while in 'The Bush'. Her photo albums are full of their radiant miles... expressions of the energy, collegiality, and shared passion for all that is close to nature. The pictures on this website tell of a family committed to eachother, to togetherness and to living one's life to the fullest. My heartfelt and deepest sympathy is with you at this time. Sincerely,
Jane Leduc
(Added on Sat Jul 19 22:31:31 EDT 2003)

Michelle Edwards (Crago)
Barrie, ON CDA
Thank-you for sharing the photos of Pete's life. I can still hear him laughing when I see the photos of his big smiling face - this is how I remember Pete best. Pete would call me his "Dr. Ruth" in high school and we shared many laughs together. I'll always remember calling him "little Pete" in Gr. 9 and joking about who was taller. What a surprise to run into Pete while attending Guelph University and seeing what a tall, handsome man he had become. He continued to beam with his amazing smile and contagious laugh. What a special miracle, Ken and Judy, to have met you at Trinity Cemetery Sunday evening July 20th, when I felt so lost. You are both incredible people and my thoughts and prayers are with you both, as well as Jeff, during this difficult time. I will miss you Pete, and always look fondly back on the friendship we shared.
Love Michelle Crago/Edwards
(Added on Sun Jul 20 21:38:03 EDT 2003)

Christie Gorrie
Toronto, ON CDA
Following Josh's advice, Pete, going forward, I'll be celebrating your life. You've taught us all what passion is, and if I can create half of what you had, I'll consider myself blessed. You've changed us all.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 10:16:00 EDT 2003)

Kate Sulzynski
Toronto, ON CDA
Pedro, You lived more in 27.5 years than most people do 75... Thank you for your friendship, kindness, and for always making me feel great. Early morning chairlift rides will never be the same. I will miss you my whole life.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 10:52:54 EDT 2003)

Angus Lang
Sofia, Bulgaria CDA
Pete, we will all miss your friendship, wisdom, and great sense of humor. My condolences to your family and friends.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 11:04:12 EDT 2003)

Andrew von Teichman
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, you lived larger than life every time I saw you and your impact on family and friends is something we can all learn from.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 12:01:59 EDT 2003)

Tom Albrecht
Toronto, ON CDA
I only knew Pete for the two years that he was at CBRE, but it was clear that he was a special person. My 15 yr old son is an avid golfer and Peter always wanted to know how he was shooting. His genuine interest in other people was a defining characteristic that endeared him to everyone that he met. We miss him around here. I have three children aged 15 to 24 and can't think of what it would be like to lose one of them. You have my sincere condolences on your loss, but as Ken mentioned at the funeral, you had the pleasure of his company for 9,987 days and the knowledge that you raised a terrific human being. Good luck to you and Jeff.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 13:42:34 EDT 2003)

Monica Musil
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete-I am truly blessed to have known you. Your life and accomplishments are an inspiration to us all. You have done so much, and touched so many. You made everyone around you feel special in your own way. Labour dee weekends won't be the same without you. My sincere condolences to you Ken, Judy and Jeff. I'll never forget you Pedro.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 14:01:35 EDT 2003)

Jennifer Hollman
Miami, FL CDA
"The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind" Pete, you are up with more than most of us will ever experience, know or have.
(Added on Tue Jul 22 10:37:23 EDT 2003)

Tim Magwood
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, You were a superstar in every way - as a person, as a friend and athlete. You will continue to live on in my heart. Ken, Judy & Jeff - you should be proud of the impact Pete had on so many. Pete - you lived large my friend. tim
(Added on Tue Jul 22 14:03:44 EDT 2003)

Michael Geddes
Toronto, ON CDA
I only got to know Pete over the last 6 months through my good friends Josh and Ian,.. we always had fun whenever Pete was around. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone.. and was a great guy who did a ton with his life in his short time with us.. His laid back and friendly demeanour is tough to find in people these days.. I admired and totally was in awe with his athletic prowess. His huge legion of friends is a testament to what a great guy he was.. and he will always be remembered that way. I'm sorry I was away in the USA and couldn't personally pay my respects.. Pete you will be missed.
Michael Geddes
(Added on Tue Jul 22 14:35:14 EDT 2003)

Whitney Court
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, you made ski racing a blast for all us Osler kids. I know my sister Katie and I will always remember how much more fun a training trip was with you there, and we'll never forget your crazy outfits out on the slopes. I feel so lucky to have had you as a coach. Katie and I will never forget you.
(Added on Mon Jul 21 12:01:59 EDT 2003)

Chris Gibson (Gibby)
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, the world seems less without you. You were an inspiration to every person who was fortunate enough to know you. From the halls of CCI to Bay Street, you were always there, with your enveloping smile, to lend a helping hand or provide words of wisdom. I can't ever remember a time when your positive energy wasn't shining through to the fullest. Little did you know that you were my role model. I always wanted to be "just like Pete". There's a bit of Pedro inside all of us, forever. As Jonny Reid and I commented over dinner this week...'Pete's up there looking out for us, as he always has.' Ken, Judy, and Jeff: your son/brother/friend touched the lives of so many people and will continue to do so every day going forward. Pete had a piece of each one of you in him, it is that combination that created Pete as we all knew him. I thank you for raising a true phenomonen. Pete, I celebrate your life every day. I miss you. Sincerely, Gibby
(Added on Wed Jul 23 10:01:06 EDT 2003)

Blake Hutcheson
Toronto, ON CDA
From the memo send out to all CBRE staff on July 14th. -- It is a sad day in the life of the CB Richard Ellis family. As a result of a boating accident our own Peter Crompton of the Toronto Downtown office was killed early Sunday morning. For those of you who knew Peter, nothing that I communicate in this message will be enough or can properly characterize what he meant to so many of you. Our thoughts are with you, especially to his partners Bryce Gibson and Adam Lazier and to the close CBRE friends who were with him at the time of the accident. Peter was 27 years old. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA in Management Economics in 2000. Although he has only been with our Company for two years, in this short time he has made a memorable and lasting impression. After training under the Senst Team, he made the decision to partner with his good friends Bryce Gibson and Adam Lazier and together they recently formed their own Investment Team. Ironically, they presented their Business Plan to me last week and I came away with the full confidence that Peter’s career was on the right track and that he would have evolved as one of our very best. Peter was a natural athlete with tremendous talent. His touch on a golf course and on a pair of skis is legendary. He was a long time member of the Ontario Ski Team and represented Canada at the World University Games. Most importantly, he was a fine person, a true gentleman and a credit to his family – and the CBRE family. He is a real loss and we will all miss his big smile and his always positive attitude. As a Company we will certainly do something on behalf of Peter that we hope will be appropriate and help to preserve his name and memory. This will be announced soon. We will also invite all of you to be involved, if you so desire, as we know so many of you are looking for an avenue to do something, anything. All the best to you and your families.
(Added on Wed Jul 23 10:30:29 EDT 2003)

Willem McRobie
Nantucket, MA CDA
Pete, From the first time I met you I knew that you were the best. You brought so much fun and personality to every situation. Your strength and kindness will be missed by all that met you. My deepest condolences to Jeff and Mr. and Mrs. Crompton. Pete, our friendship will always be apart of my life.
(Added on Thu Jul 24 10:29:18 EDT 2003)

Ken, Judy & Jeff
Collingwood, ON CDA
Judy, Jeff and I are reviewing all the messages as they arrive on Pete's website. We appreciate the kind comments and are forever grateful to all of Pete's many friends. We invite everyone to relay any 'Pete stories' and place absolutely no retrictions on content. If anyone has a photograph of Pete, please scan it in or alternatively mail a copy to, The Crompton's, Box 1112, RR#1 Collingwood, ON, L9Y 3Y9, and we will arrange for the photograph to be included on the website. We hope everyone is having a great summer. The Cromptons
(Added on Thu Jul 24 11:12:04 EDT 2003)

Jacquie Smollett-Genua
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete-it was only recently that we got to know eachother better, but you always made me smile.....lookin' as tight as you always did!! You'll always have the most chillin' dance moves! Love you buddy, Jacquie
(Added on Thu Jul 24 13:27:00 EDT 2003)

Heidi Rocheleau
Toronto, ON CDA
I had the privilege of working with Pete at CBRE. He always greeted you with a smile, offered to lend a hand when it was needed and was a really wonderful person to know. He is missed.
(Added on Thu Jul 24 13:50:21 EDT 2003)

Toronto, ON CDA
Dear Uncle Kenny, Aunt Judy and Jeff: Because our families lived in different places, we never had a chance to really get to know Pete. We always thought he was a wonderful kid, but how could he not be? He had a wonderful loving childhood with opportunities that most of us can only dream of. Kenny, your euology was a beautiful tribute that showed how close you were to your sons. Jeff's parting comments had us all in tears, knowing how much you will miss your brother - your best friend. The service really was a celebration of Pete's life as it was meant to be. I am sure he was smiling down on us through laughter and tears and that he too was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from family and friends. Take comfort in knowing that the happiness, the memories and the magic that you shared together will live on in all who were fortunate enough to have spent time with Peter Gordon Crompton. Love always Sue, Dale, Robbie & Andrew Dubinsky
(Added on Thu Jul 24 14:55:15 EDT 2003)

Stephen Ccrichton
Vancouver, BC CDA
To Jeff, Judy & Ken, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I knew Pete from planting and and his journey's and all that fills my head is Pete's smile. His kindness had the ability to warm a room. Pete, you lived and loved to your fullest, you will be missed my friend!
(Added on Thu Jul 24 15:49:16 EDT 2003)

Bryce Gibson
Toronto, ON CDA
Crompo, Well it's been a tough week coming into work each day, sitting down and looking beside me at your empty desk. I miss arriving a touch late and having you give me a few words like "so you got your baby pants on today?, or "come on Gibson, you some kind of women, I've been here since 7.30" these words often would be followed up with a "but god you look good today" or "how many ladies ladies were you out with last night?". Pete had a real funny way of making people feel good. Adam and I are here and doing are best to get things back on track, as I know you're still right here with us pumping your fist and pushing us to get out there and "go big". Your aggressive style on the hills and in the waves was definitely carried over into our work area, and every time I feel a bit nervous about making a call or doing something that may be over my head I know you would push me and force me to test the limits, I will try to take that attitude more often as I know it will help us succeed. Having known Pete from growing up on the hills at Osler and seeing his name on every Ski-flea trophy possible it was pretty obvious this guy was special, and continued to dominate in everything that life challenged him with. I hope that everyone can take something from whom Peter was and add it to your makeup, I hope to and I know it will help me become a better person. We're missing you every day here Crompo, but be sure that we are doing our best to make you proud in every aspect of this life you lived so well. My love and thoughts are with you 'The Cromptons', I'll see you soon. Bryce
(Added on Thu Jul 24 19:14:10 EDT 2003)

Terry & Cathy Ashton
Peterborough, ON CDA
Our deepest sympathy Judy, Ken, and Jeff. It was a wonderful time our racer chaser years. It was a pleasure to meet you all on the hills at Collingwood. Pete was always a friendly, smiling, gentleman.
(Added on Fri Jul 25 11:17:03 EDT 2003)

Sally Roberts
Toronto, ON CDA
“All men dream, but nor equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” (The Seven Pillars of Wisdom) Pete, you dreamt with your eyes wide open. Maybe this meant you weren’t always listening but…I get it now. Your unconditional friendship and advice I will carry forever in my heart. I think of you often and smile at the legacy you’ve left us with. Thanks for all of the warm memories. Champers won’t be the same without you! We’ll try to take care of Ken, Jude, Jeff, Billy and Clay for you. Ken, Judy and Jeff, I send you my love and deepest respect for making Pete the man he was. I look forward to sharing many of my memories of Pete with you in the future. See you soon. In Pete’s words to me recently “We are lucky to have such great friends so that must say something about us.” Glad you knew. Wish you were here, I miss you so much. love, sal
(Added on Fri Jul 25 11:20:35 EDT 2003)

Brett Hayhurst
Toronto, ON CDA
Petey- I hope wherever you are today, your maintaining the traditions that you left on this Earth for the rest to follow-work hard , play hard, never ever stop smiling! Today is tailor made for riding the waves of the 'Bay, hitting a crisp long iron from the fairway or just sharing a few laughs with a friend. This week has been about reflection-about remembering a guy whose life I had a chance to be a front row fan of for many years-Blythwood, Kilcoo Camp, ski racing and "the professional world." What I never imagined was that you had another 1500 people who all wanted that same front row seat. You made people live and reach for the beyond. A smile really does go a long way-I hope more people take advantage of its power. Crompton family-you cannot replace an exceptional son, friend and individual like Pete. But each and every person who was touched by him is now a part of your lives and that is a line that is never ending. Take Care of yourselves.
Brett Hayhurst
(Added on Fri Jul 25 12:51:31 EDT 2003)

Rob Magwood
Toronto, ON CDA
Dear Ken, Judy, Jeff and Billy, It is impossible to convey in words the impact that Pedro had on me. He has been a confidante, friend, fellow partier and skiing and golfing partner over the past 8700 days. I am slowly coming to grips not having that positive attitude or smiling face to counsel me or tell me to get off my lazy ass. I was his humility and honesty that defined Pedro. So many discussions started with, “I don’t mean to brag, but…”. Whether it be that true four iron he just hit, or how well work was going, he was always letting me know. This wasn’t arrogance though, but simply a reflection of his true honesty and passion for life. Things were going well, and he was so excited about it that he had to share it with you. Regardless of the situation, you always knew that Pete was on your side. Never have I come across someone who was so genuinely passionate about seeing his friends succeed. I remember ski races when we were Juveniles. Pete would always wait for my run, even though it was often well after the top seed (which he inevitably was in…) was complete. He was always waiting at the bottom, armed with positive and constructive comments, while his peers we already in the clubhouse. He had such an ability to make everyone feel uniquely special. Here I was, finishing three seconds behind Pedro, and he made me feel like I was one step away from the World Cup. The wave of memories that have overwhelmed me over the past few weeks have all elicited laughter. We were hard on each other, and demanded that we accept nothing but excellence, but we were never competitive. I am lucky that was the case…he would be impossible to compete with. In a recent email to me in London, Pedro told me, “Don’t miss little Pedro, he is always there for you”. I truly believe that this is the case. He will always be looking over me, making me laugh, and pushing me to succeed. If we can all continue to smile regardless of the circumstances and try to impart his positive attitude and passion for life, in both our personal and professional lives, his spirit will continue to live on. Kenny, Judy and Jeff – I cannot comprehend the sense of loss that you must feel. A brilliant life full of such incomprehensible potential was cut far too short. I find solace in the fact that I had the privilege of knowing Peter Crompton for 8700 days. He lived more in that short span than most do in a full life. He taught me more in those 8700 days about friendship, competition and selflessness that any friend could ask. Pedro – I miss you so much, but I’ll stay tight and truly life my life, always smiling, as you would have demanded.
Robbie Magwood
(Added on Mon Jul 28 12:25:41 EDT 2003)

Chris Grant
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete and I had met at random social events over the past year and half, but the first time we actually got to know each other a bit better was at a Raptor game late last year. Crompton, Byron and I talked for most of the game and at half time we decided to go out for a bit of fresh air...Byron was polishing off a Big Beer when we noticed Pete staring at a picture on the wall. We mosied over, and saw it was a picture of our early Raptor hero, Zan Tabak. Before we could ask what he was doing, Pete sighed and turned to us saying, "Ahhh...the good ol' days!" It was Pete's wit and subtle sense of humour that intially inspired me to want to be friends. Two fridays before Pete left us, he came out to College St. with Wanzel, Jax, Darren Bourne and I for some drinks. Wanzel, Crompton and I had one of those rare conversations that night about every subject under the sun, and I realized then that Pete had become a true friend to me, mostly because I admired his honesty, candour and sense of humour so much. My last words to Pete were, "See ya out there!" and as much as this is a painful memory for me right now, it is slowly becoming a promise I'm determined to keep. For if I make it to heaven, I know I'll meet him there: I only hope he'll put in a good word for me to Ghandi and Bob Marley so I can get into VIP section...My prayers are with you, Crompton family, as well as with all his friends who had the priviledge to know him the way I aspired to. Miss you, Pete...your friend, Grant
(Added on Mon Jul 28 18:32:03 EDT 2003)

Aaron Garner
Collingwood, ON CDA
Pete, Your spirit of caring, fearlessness, and a lust for life lives on in everyone who had the privilege to know you. We will all honour your memeory by adding a little "Pedro" into our daily lives and interactions. Your light will be missed, but never forgotten. Your friend, G.
(Added on Thu Jul 24 13:50:21 EDT 2003)

Rich Bertram
Caledon, ON CDA
Pete- Dreaming of driving the Camaro down Mainstreet in Collingwood, Going for late night Mac's Milk run's and watching you dance by yourself. I now only use spin balls on the golf course because of you. Thank you for being a great listener and an extremely funny man. Most of all thank you for being you. Pedro, I’ll miss joking with you starting last at all the Adult Ski races! My thoughts go out to you Judy, Ken and Jeff. Pete will always be with us wherever we go and whatever we do, he’ll be behind us pushing to take the next step because that’s the kind of man he is.
(Added on Wed Jul 30 07:40:37 EDT 2003)

Christine Spencer
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete and I met in University at Laurentian and we became fast friends. Within a couple of days of having met - I mentioned to him that I was going to visit a mutual friend of ours in Halifax for a week. He contemplated this for about 3 seconds and said that he would be joining me. In (from what I now understand) is perfect Pete fashion - we left a couple of days later and came back to a frenzy of people searching for him. He "forgot" to mention to anyone that he was leaving for a week to travel across the country - I knew from that point that Pete did anything and everything that he wanted and it was a quality that I admired in him. Always up for an adventure and if you were lucky enough to be with him on one - you were guaranteed a great time and wonderful memories. More recently, as two young professionals trying to make our mark in TO, we would meet a couple of times a year to catch up about life, friends and work. The passion with which he attacked life always impressed me - whether we talked about his new career, friends or sports. He always said to me that everyone has to have their own passion - he certainly has many. I miss him dearly, he is a true friend and an inspiration to everyone. Christine
(Added on Wed Jul 30 10:50:05 EDT 2003)

Byron Ahmet
Toronto, ON CDA
Crompton and I met on his first day at CBRE. I was then leaving in a few weeks to go traveling in Thailand and Australia. When I mentioned this to Pete I can still remember the excitement that this conversation triggered in him. He was more than happy to tell me stories and help me plan my trip because of course he already had the two countries under his belt. When I got back Crompton and I sat next to each other at work so we were able to share our stories of our travels. He loved to travel. Even though he had more traveling stories that could have drown my mine out, he always listened and got excited. Surfing is probably my best example of his ability to encourage friends. I learned to surf when I was in Australia and even though I was sporting a 100 foot longboard (we all know what he could do) he encouraged me to continue, which I have since. Crompton grew from a work friend into one of my closest friends in 2 years. We spent all day together at work and many weekends given'er but I can honestly say that we probably spent 90% of our time together laughing. He was hilarious. The one problem that I think all guys can relate to that spent time with Crompton is that.......the lady's loved Crompton. I can remember on several occasions plugging maybe a half hour of conversation with a young lady only to be asked "so Bryan, who's your friend?", and without even turning around I knew she was talking about Crompo. I can honestly think of hundreds of reasons that Crompton has had positive affects on my life, and I thank him for that. My deepest sympathy Judy, Ken, and Jeff and thank-you for raising a legend that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Crompo you are one tight cat and I am going to miss you more than you can imagine. I am singing "Touch of Grey" right now in mind (you know what I mean). I'm going to go big in life because as you like to say "Byron you can't hit a homer with the bat on you shoulder". Byron
(Added on Wed Jul 30 11:05:22 EDT 2003)

Jeff Cox
Toronto, ON CDA
Pedro and I used to battle it out for many years on the ski hill back in the old days of racing glory. He was an amazing racer and an athlete, and I used to love watching him come down the hill and destroy whatever course was in his way. In recent years the odd adult ski race would bring us back together...and he kept telling me how I should strap the boards back on in the adult league because it was a blast. When I finally did, it was great to trash-talk each other on the hills, anticipating the next race when our teams would meet. I knew as everyone did that he was always a major threat for the win – and most of the time he would! His quiet confidence and talent made him great at whatever he did. Pedro, I’ll miss you my friend - the races, the lunches and pints, and the stories about our struggles in learning the real estate business. I’ll never forget the memories and will always celebrate your life. Ken, Judy, and Jeff - my thoughts are with you. Coxy
(Added on Wed Jul 30 19:00:39 EDT 2003)

Jessy Revivo
Richmond Hill, ON CDA
I met Peter while working with him at Nesbitt. Though only for a short while, it was very apparent that he was well known and well liked. His presence was obvious. His height and good looks coupled with a subtle charm made most people stop and take notice. It's hard to imagine losing anyone that I know to a mindless accident, but it was much harder for me to accept the loss of peter, such a powerful presence. His loss forced me to reflect on life, this precious gift that is given to us. I was sure that out lives are predetermined and that everything that happens has a purpose, now I am confident of that. I am grateful for having had the chance to know Peter, and I wish the family peace and comfort. Jessy
(Added on Fri Aug 1 12:03:28 EDT 2003)

Dave Suda
Toronto, ON CDA
It has taken me some time to submit to the idea that pete is no longer here for me. i can't call him in the middle of a day only to hear him say, "hey davie! what's on for tonight?" i can't go over and hear him revel in how life is truly awesome and i can't rely on him to get me through the times when i don't have my own strength to be positive. here's what i CAN do though: i can rest easy that peter is sailing a wave that only compares in it's beauty to pete's wonderful smile. the girls are waiting on the beach and we all know that pete is being a true gentleman. i am going to take solace in the fact that pete lived a vibrant and positive existence...he touched me and made me a better person. although i can't have pete here with me anymore, i have to be content in knowing that he bestowed gifts worthy of ten lifetimes upon me and many others. every time i go on the water, or step into my skis, i will feel pete in my sails and blowing against my cheeks...reminding me to 'go hard' and try to do everything in a good way. Ken, Judy and Jeff, you are the wonderful people who helped make pete who he was...i hope that you will feel free to call me or any of pete's friends and not hesitate should there be some way to help ease your pain. I LOVE YOU BROTHER. d.
(Added on Wed Aug 6 15:04:53 EDT 2003)

Mike McLellan
Whistler, BC CDA
Pete was someone that left an impression on whom ever he met. I had the good fortune of spending 2 weeks with Pete, coaching him at the World University Games in Korea. He was a "great" guy in the truest sense of the word, and I am glad I had the opportunity, (as short as it was) to have gotten to know him.
(Added on Thu Aug 7 02:39:39 EDT 2003)

Bill & Marta Kostyniuk
Thornbury, ON CDA
Dear Judy, Ken and Jeff, We were very sorry to read of your loss in the Collingwood LIFE newspaper. Pete sounds like a wonderful son and brother and a friend to many. Judy, I taught with you at CW Jefferys in the carefree days before either of us had children. But what a joy they are! And that is what we remember when they grow up and leave us. We wish you the strenght to accept what has happened and move on with your lives. The tributes to Pete in the paper and at this website say that he touched many people and they were glad to have known him. Keep well, Bill & Marta
(Added on Sun Aug 10 21:20:13 EDT 2003)

Bernice Buchanan
To the Parents of Peter: My sons Steven and Tim Buchanan were friends of Peter and were devestated to learn that he was gone. As a parent, my thoughts are with Peter's parents as I cannot even comprehend the trauma one would go through due to the loss of a child. May your sorrow be lessened knowing he is in a good place. Bernice Buchanan
(Added on Tue Aug 12 07:49:00 EDT 2003)

Clay Dolan
Collingwood, ON CDA
Well Pete it’s been a month since that fateful Sunday morning. It almost seems like a dream to me now. I swear sometimes I almost forget why I’m here in the hospital, but I never forget you. I think about you every day. I know you were there watching me as I took my first steps last week, and I know you’ve been there the whole time watching over me… you kept me alive in the operating room, and you kept me free from infection, and now your memory is willing me to keep fighting to get better. Whenever I’m feeling down or in need of inspiration I think of you. You were such a great person… such a great friend. I only really got to know you in the last couple of years. However the times we had, and the adventures we experienced together make me feel as if I’ve known you my whole life. I remember the many times you told me how glad you were that you met Josh and I, and how many times I told you the same thing. So many times we had the same conversation… we talked about how much we loved our lives, and how you have to live your life and enjoy every moment. No one loved life more than you Pete, and for you to have your life ended so soon breaks my heart. However I take strength and comfort in knowing that in the short time you were in this world you lived your life to the fullest. You did more living in 27 years than most do in a lifetime. I’ve learned so much from you Pete. You taught me that you can’t get caught up in your own little bubble… that you have to go out and live. You can’t be afraid to pack up your gear and go somewhere to see if the wind is blowing. I looked up to you Pete. Women loved you, and guys wanted to be like you. Shit man, I wanted to be like you. I always thought to myself… wow here’s a guy who’s so cool, laid back, lives such a cool life, is an awesome athlete, and is loved by so many. I’ve never met anyone who had more friends than you Pete, and your funeral was a testament to that. I’m a better person for having known you Pete, and I know that in the future when I’m debating on going out, rigging up, travelling somewhere to go windsurfing or skiing, or whatever, I’ll ask myself… what would Pete do? I already know the answer. Pete would go!
(Added on Wed Aug 13 16:38:15 EDT 2003)

Donna Peacock
Thunder Bay, ON CDA
Dear Uncle Kenny, Aunt Judy and Jeff: Please know that I think of you often and hope that you doing okay. It has been wonderful to be able to read the tributes and see the pictures sent to you from so many of Pete's friends and co-workers all over the world. He was - and still is - a very special person. I wanted you to know that I've decided to plant a white pine tree at camp in Pete's memory. I'm sure it will grow to be strong - glowing in the summer sun, standing tall in the wind and, in the winter - be comforted by a blanket of snow! Something I think my cousin Pete would have approved of and I hope you do too. Love always, Donna
(Added on Tue Aug 19 18:05:19 EDT 2003)

Collingwood, ON CDA
Well, where do i start?! My first year treeplanting, those incredible nights off of udder chaos........?? My biggestest memory of Pedro must of been that wonderful smile and absolutely "huge" stack of trays the boy would have on the road with Jeff at the end of the day! Man, the guy would leave me amazed!! I'm thankful for the days i had with Pete and will never forget. Thankyou for your friendship Pete and thankyou for being you! All my condolences and best wishes to Jeff, Judy and Ken.
(Added on Wed Aug 20 18:53:58 EDT 2003)

Kevin Titus
Whistler, BC CDA
Ken and Judy. I was just visiting with Mike out here in Whistler and he told me the tragic news. I am numb with sadness for you two, and Jeff and anyone else that was in Pete's life. I only remember the boys from the Northwinds windsurfing days but from what I have heard Pete was a fine young man that you were very close to and very proud of. I am so sorry for all of you and my thoughts are with you. Kevin Titus
(Added on Sun Aug 24 04:07:31 EDT 2003)

La Plata, Buenos Aires CDA
He was a very nice persn, although I met him only once.
(Added on Sun Aug 24 13:22:42 EDT 2003)

Megan Joyner
Toronto, ON CDA
"The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them." Pedro, you took the path less travelled and gave life 110%. You have inspired me to look at each sunrise as if it is my last, and to seize every opportunity that comes my way. When I feel scared, or that I have reached my limit, I will push myself a little harder, for that is what you taught me to do. Your legacy will live on forever in my heart. God Bless You Pete.
(Added on Wed Aug 27 21:43:37 EDT 2003)

Cheryl Headon
Duntroon, ON CDA
Dear Judy, I can not belive the terriable loss you all are coping with. Courtney, Tyler , Todd and D,arcy have been told and want to do anything they can for you when you are ready..Judy you were so upbeat and helpful to our family,please when you are in ready give us a call. 445 0229. You have raised such wonderful boys and the memories will keep you going. All our love and prayers to you all Cheryl Headon
(Added on Sun Aug 31 17:36:42 EDT 2003)

Genhone Lin
Toronto, ON CDA
I was one of the colleagues of Peter in CBRE. As a newly landed immigrant for just a year, Canada still remains a big concept for me to explore. Peter had treated me as one of his friends and shared with me some of his stories. I loved his traveling stories and his open-minded personality. He made me felt well accepted and admiring to Canadian way of life. I miss him.
(Added on Tue Sep 2 10:20:25 EDT 2003)

Mike Leblanc
Dear Ken Judy and Jeff, There hasn't been a day in the past to weeks of sailing that I haven't either thanked or blamed Pete for the wind conditions. I figure he's my man on the inside now. Hope you're all doing well, your son worshipped all of you. "Team Audi" he called parents while we were having lunch at Duncan's Saturday afternoon. Take care of your selves, Mike.
(Added on Wed Sep 3 16:12:55 EDT 2003)

Bo Pacione
Collingwood, ON CDA
One of my favorite moemories of Pete is an early winsurfing one. On a One Design with a storm sail and bright orange P.F.D. Pete goes by on a light wind day riding the rail like a pro. He might have been ten at the time maybe not even!
(Added on Sun Sep 7 11:05:43 EDT 2003)

Tim Irvin
Pete, Our lives had finally diverged so that after spending so many times together over the years, we had not seen each other in the past few. Nonetheless, in the past few months, preceding July, I had been thinking from time to time that I would really like to get in touch with my old friend Pete, so we could catch up with each other's lives. It had been a while, and we were overdue. Sadly, geography and timing were not on our side and we didn't get that opportunity. But I do take comfort in knowing that I would have walked away from chatting with you feeling good and knowing that you were still embracing life and loving it. Maybe you would have felt good too knowing that I am doing the same, even though you didn't know that I learned some of that through your example. We shared a lot of fun and intense times in our years - on the hill, on the road, in the bush and in the big house on Oak St. You were always such a persistent and talented competitor; sometimes annoying some of us, always keeping all of us on our toes. You are a very important person in my life and so many others, and we are all richer for our time with you. I will always miss the chance we didn't have to catch up with each other one more time before you were gone. And I will always miss you Pedro. Thank you for the heaps of fond memories. I will keep them with me for a lifetime. Tim Irvin
(Added on Sun Sep 7 13:27:41 EDT 2003)

Jenny Legget
Banff, AB CDA
Mr. & Mrs. Crompton, Jeff and those lives Pete has touched. I have never had the pleasure of meeting you Mr. & Mrs. Crompton. Jeff we have crossed paths in the halls of CCI although I suspect you don't remember me. I heard of Pete's passing from Martha Lee (Marpole) who is my next door neighbour in Banff last week. I am truly saddened for such a tragic loss and please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this extremely difficult time. Pete, you were in my Grade 11 math class and always gave me a hard time in a joking way about my lack of mathematical talent! We sat behind each other in OAC english and I remember your superb Independent Study presentation to class - so entertaining and funny but still getting the point across! During highschool you were finding your way as all of use were. What a treat it was for me to run into you in the elevator in First Canadian Place a couple of summer's ago while I was back in Ontario on vacation. You grew into a strikingly handsome, stunningly tall charming man with the path of your dreams and goals set. Your enchanting, infectious smile, positive energy and true zest for life will be missed by those who you touched. May your soul rest with peace and tranquility and, may the wind always be at your back. Jenny Legget
(Added on Tue Sep 9 13:31:24 EDT 2003)

Michael Cookson
Montreal, QC CDA
My condolences to Jeff and the Crompton family. Pete was an inspiration to us all.
(Added on Sat Sep 13 14:37:23 EDT 2003)

Becca Biggs
Pete, I always looked forward to seeing you and catching up on the latest. I will especially miss our lunch talks by the fireplace at Osler. You surprised me more than once this winter with your views and thoughts. You kept being a more incredible person to me. Getting to know you and Jeff while growing up at Osler, the academy, and at Guelph was amazing. Your attitude and presence will be missed but never forgotten. Thanks for the time Pedro. You are missed. Becca Biggs
(Added on Mon Sep 15 22:55:12 EDT 2003)

Barrie, ON CDA
When I heard of Peter's accident I was saddened. I came from Collingwood and I am familiar with your family name although we have never met. Being part of SmartRisk is a wonderful tribute to the life that we see in youth like Pete. Thank you for making it possible for others to learn. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
(Added on Wed Sep 17 21:38:14 EDT 2003)

Katie Court
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, I will never forget what an amazing coach you were. I have so much to thank you for: For making each day I had with you on the slopes so much fun, and for your constant encouragement to push myself harder. I’ll never forget the good times, like when you would take the team on crazy trails and jumps at Osler and helping me improve so much in the courses. Every day was a new adventure. I will miss you and your contagious smile, and I feel so lucky to have been able to know you. Thanks for everything Pete. Love Katie.
(Added on Sat Sep 20 22:55:54 EDT 2003)

Michael Bunston
Toronto, ON CDA
Dear Ken,Judy and Jeff, I never physically met Peter.. It was over the telephone that we began the process.Our paths crossed as a result of a real estate deal.After faxing the offer to me, Peter called to talk about the opportunity. We spent the next 45 minutes talking about our life interests.When it came time to talk about the deal the conversation went like this... "Michael" how would you like to respond to this purchaser."Peter" I don't know, I don't understand some of what they are asking us to do... actually, I find it very confusing."Michael" I agree.At this point we both start laughing..."Peter" can we work together to draft a response."Michael" absolutely.Over the next 15 minutes Peter and I worked on a simple response. What I enjoyed about that moment was the following:Peter's honesty, empathy,positive energy,laugh,love for life, real understanding of whom he was and his desire to learn. As a result of that moment, I decided to attend the celebration of Peter's life.Throgh that exerience I learned the following:I was able to hear the rest of the story on Peter's amazing journey.I learned from Ken how to be a better father to my two childern who are 10 and 12.Finally, I learned through the commitment of Peter's colleagues who attended the celebration, that CBRE is an amazing organization with strong family values. Ken, Judy and Jeff, I have learned a great deal from having had the opportunity to know Peter.I am thinking of you.Thank-you..Love,Michael
(Added on Wed Sep 24 17:33:52 EDT 2003)

Graeme McIntosh
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, I really do not know what to say here, but I miss having you around- from the boat cruises, to other dancefloors across the city, we miss the Pedro shuffle. I am sure that you are dancing the waves above us, checking us out from above ! I feel that I am a better person for having known you for however long we have been friends. From ski racing - Osler vs. Devil's Glen to great shots on the golf course, to NT mens league hockey, to Heebar events, to Raptor games. Now for sure the Raps have lost their biggest fan ! I think of that quote that was mentioned at the church every time I make a swing on the golf course- "only the person that makes the shot can say 'nice shot' It cracks me up every time... We will all miss you, and until we meet again. Ken, Judy, Jeff- my thoughts and prayers are with you forever. LONG LIVE PEDRO. - nice shot... Graeme McIntosh.
(Added on Thu Sep 25 10:02:51 EDT 2003)

Paula Prince
Oakville, ON CDA
To Pete's family, I am Hilary's mother. She was tree planting with him a few years ago. I spent time on the phone with Hil last night as she told me about him. She was and is terribly saddened to hear and especially so long after the accident. I can hardly imagine what you have been through and cannot find words to expess my sympathy for your loss. Hil told me he made each day brighter for her and always made her laugh, if not at him then at herself. My heart aches for you and hope that these messages bring you some comfort.
(Added on Thu Sep 25 10:16:06 EDT 2003)

Mary Beth Bourne
Collingwood, ON CDA
Pete, your place with the view to the mountains is lovely. Your parents and brothers are taking special care and it is becoming a quiet place to go and reflect. I miss your smile and just your way of being....the elements and the wind are now your song. Take care. Mary Beth Bourne
(Added on Sun Sep 28 22:39:48 EDT 2003)

Jonathan Reid
Collingwood, ON CDA
Pedro You were the best. Missing you every day. Jonny Reid
(Added on Mon Sep 29 11:26:42 EDT 2003)

Donna Peacock
Thunder Bay, ON CDA
Dear Uncle Kenny, Auntie Judy and Jeff: I just read the article in the Globe & Mail submitted by Pete's friends and published earlier this week. If you are in touch with Josh, Bryce, Blake, Adam, Rob or Ian - please thank them for their sincere and thoughtful words. Thinking of you, Love Donna
(Added on Fri Oct 3 11:51:21 EDT 2003)

Raewyn Robbins
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, as Thanksgiving approaches, memories of the dinners that our families have shared at Nannie and Poppa’s come flooding back. Sitting at the table we could always count on hearing the many wonderful stories about your most recent adventures. Your love of life has inspired us all. Kenny, Judy, and Jeff, I hope that all is well, and that we see you soon! Miss you to the stars... Raewyn and Rosemary Robbins.
(Added on Sat Oct 4 01:53:11 EDT 2003)

Michaela Robbins
Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, as Raewyn said memories are flooding back. I enjoyed those dinners so much at Nannie and Poppa's. Judy, Kenny, Jeff, hope to see you soon. Much love, Michaela.
(Added on Sat Oct 4 15:07:27 EDT 2003)

Annamaria Feltracco
Waterford, ON CDA
Ken, Judy and Jeff: My deepest condolences to you and your family. I was in Collingwood over the weekend for Thanksgiving and read about Peter's life in a local magazine. I felt compelled just by seeing the photos to learn more about this young man. He seemed so alive and so vibrant, and so incredibly well loved. I did an internet search and found this site. Families who lose loved ones form a special bond. My brother passed away almost 12 years ago when he was 31 and four years ago I lost my son Dustin. In a way that no one ever can imagine, or ever can fathom, when we lose loved ones so young and so tragically we join a rarefied group, one that none of us wants to belong to. I hope that it brings you comfort to know that Peter's life has touched someone even without having met them. And I wish you peace and comfort in the coming days and weeks. When my son passed away, a passage from a song brought me great comfort: May the fire be your friend and the sea rock you gently. May the moon light your way till the wind sets you free. Anna
(Added on Tue Oct 14 10:01:46 EDT 2003)

The Wellman's
Pickering, ON CDA
Ken, Judy, Jeff our thoughts are with you as we remember Pete. It brings back so many fond memories of the boys and skiing, dropping by, keeping us young. We will always be dealing with this. Great to have such wonderful memories. Our prayers wish you strength to move on with all or us. See you soon. Doug, Linda, Mike & Ange
(Added on Tue Oct 21 22:49:36 EDT 2003)

Ronan Mac Con
Fernie, BC CDA
I remember playing squash one day with Pete in Guelph. Pete was a formidable athlete, it seemed every sport he tried he excelled at. It wasn't the score of the game I remember (no doubt he trounced me) but how much fun he was having. He enjoyed life in his short time on this planet more than most do over a lifetime. That's what I will remember about Pete. It was my pleasure to have met your son.
(Added on Mon Nov 24 17:26:37 EST 2003)

Douglas Mac Con
Richmond Hill, ON CDA
Whenever I think of Pete, I always think of this great big guy with a great big smile telling a funny story or just enjoying where ever he was at the moment. It was such a tragedy. I feel lucky to have spent some of his time with me. I think my brother may have expressed my sentiments best, it was also my pleasure to have met your son.
(Added on Thu Nov 27 03:22:22 EST 2003)

Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, as the snow starts to fall, I think of how excited you used to get as the first flakes descended. You were like the kid at Christmas waiting for Santa...but the rest of us were just waiting to carve some tight turns and huck some big air. For every carve I take this ski season, I will think of you being right beside me motivating me to go faster, harder, longer (well maybe you wouldn't be "right" beside me...a few ski lengths ahead as always!). It's good to know that as I carve turns, you will be watching over me. As we get into the ski season...I'll say this, which I'm sure you've heard often...nice run Pete. Miss you my friend. Ken, Judy, Jeff, may each snowflake that falls this season remind you of each person's life that Pete had a positive impact on. My thoughts are with you every day.
(Added on Fri Nov 28 09:45:20 EST 2003)

Aaron Garner
Collingwood, ON CDA
My thoughts are with you Ken, Judy and Jeff over the Christmas and winter season. I wish you good health and happiness.
(Added on Thu Dec 4 19:24:14 EST 2003)

Lee Magwood
Toronto, ON CDA
ardly a day goes by that I don't have a "Pete" reminder.... pizza, cucumber and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and medicine balls! But last Friday when Chuck and I signed up our eldest grandson at Osler in the snow, we both said ...... pete.....
(Added on Thu Dec 4 19:58:42 EST 2003)

Lee Magwood
Toronto, ON CDA
I'm new at this tech stuff, and I pushed the submit button too soon....because I did want to add that Pete was like another son and brother to the entire Magwoodfamily. We loved him as one of our own, and we miss him. We have wonderful memories of a wonderful human being. Judy, Ken and Jeff- we are thinking of you today, tomorrow, and every other day. Love from Cuck, Lee and all the gang.
(Added on Thu Dec 4 20:05:47 EST 2003)

Todd Canning
Collingwood, ON CDA
well pedro, happy birthday big man! I brought your down rigger to the cemetry the other week, cuz i dont want you to be without it, in a land where the winds never stop blowing. Petey, im sure you already know, you were my best buddy in the world. your unconditional friendship and love made me feel like a complete human being. you helped me to have respect for myself, and of course, you taught me to do it right, or at least as hard as you could trying. we sure did have some crazy good times didnt we? planting, guelph....the party! Maui.. two days to go and two cans of spaghetti sauce left! Baja...rationing Snickers bars in the middle of the desert, Hatteras. good times, good times. i couldnt imagine spending those most important times of my life with anyone else. boy i sure do missya buddy, so does the little man. we think about you everyday, miss your phone calls telling me about your night before. we all miss you pete, and we know that you miss us too... if youre having a good time, it might as well be with the people you love, right?
The world is a better place where you walked upon it pedro. you were an incredible man. happy birthday.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 01:09:13 EST 2003)

Graydon Oldfield
Toronto, ON CDA
Happy Birthday. My good man.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 08:23:00 EST 2003)

Jonathan Reid
Collingwood, ON CDA
Happy Birthday Padro. Im sure you will spend this day riding the waves above. As Cannning put it, the world is a better place where you have walked. So true.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 09:05:29 EST 2003)

Rob Gorrie
Toronto, ON CDA
Here's to you on your birthday Pete. I'm going to miss you on the slopes. (p) Ken, Judy and Jeff, I'm thinking of you often.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 09:08:06 EST 2003)

Pippa Blake
Victoria, BC CDA
Pete, Today is December 5th and I am looking at a photo of you on my desk looking very handsome. Jazz, Ollie and I have so many wondeful memories of the years we shared with you at the National Ski Academy. You will never be forgotten. Pippa
(Added on Fri Dec 5 10:54:28 EST 2003)

Toronto, ON CDA
It's your day Pedro. Happy birthday.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 11:17:58 EST 2003)

Toronto, ON CDA
Pete, happy birthday, we miss you so much. Jude, Ken and Jeff my heart goes out to you today and always. see you soon. love, sal
(Added on Fri Dec 5 11:21:14 EST 2003)

Kate Sulzynski
Cabarete, RD CDA
Kenny, Judy, Jeff and friends... Greetings from Cabarete. Feeling a little removed today so far from home. I spend my time here restricted to the shore as my knee heals, while Todd is ripping up the ocean in fine Pedro style, as he has come down with a serious case of "just one more wave-itis". I can picture Pete flashing that grin as he barters with the locals for every single little thing. I celebrate his Beautiful Life today. Thinking of you.. Happy Birthday Pedro. 27 in my heart forever.
Love Kate.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 11:41:19 EST 2003)

Jeff Cox
Toronto, ON CDA
Happy Bday Pedro - missing you my friend... Coxy
(Added on Fri Dec 5 12:58:36 EST 2003)

Toronto, ON CDA
Happy B-day buddy.
As the cold weather moves in and snow stars to fall I cannot help but think about the masters series. I know I could not always keep up with you, but I like to think that I gave you a run for your money. I loved the competiton but will always be racing you out there.
P.S I'll throw a big heli for you the first day on snow! XOOXOXO
(Added on Fri Dec 5 12:58:39 EST 2003)

Melony Jamieson
Toronto, ON CDA
Happy birthday, fellow Saggitarian! Pete, you are much missed and the parties aren't the same without your radiant smile and sunny disposition. Collingwood won't be the same this winter. Love, Mel
(Added on Fri Dec 5 13:07:30 EST 2003)

Jennifer Hollman
Miami, FL CDA
Happy Birthday Pete...
(Added on Fri Dec 5 13:47:16 EST 2003)

Sarah Merry
pete, i picture you and anth having a birthday bottle of bud on a sun-drenched slope, leaning against your skis, faces greased with bain de soleil; i see a cheeky little monkey at ski fleas; your radiant, exuberant smile, a towering beam of blonde happiness at geordie's chalet, with jeff and mel. you are missed and celebrated everywhere. to ken and judy and jeff--all my love. xo sarah
(Added on Fri Dec 5 14:00:16 EST 2003)

Melany Gibson
Collingwood, ON CDA
Happy Birthday, Peter. I'm thinking of you and your family today. You are greatly missed! Mr. & Mrs. Crompton & Jeff - we wish you all the strengh in the world through this tough season. Jeff - I may see you at the Peaks sometime this winter. If there is ANYTHING that we can do, please don't hesitate to ask.
Kindest Regards,
The Gibson's
(Added on Fri Dec 5 14:38:57 EST 2003)

Tim Irvin
Well Pedro, like the rest of us, I wish I could spend this day with you. Happy Birthday. timmy irvin
(Added on Fri Dec 5 14:53:11 EST 2003)

Blair Wilson
Toronto, ON CDA
Hi Pete, I just did something I rarely do...met some friends at lunch and shared a few beer (it's Friday afterall) and laughs about real life. We're heading into the holiday season so we also chatted about family stuff - who's going where for the holidays and what stage everyone's at. We shared stories about falling off the player's bench while coaching a hockey game between 8-year olds, laughing at know, the important stuff. This is what it's all about... remembering to laugh, not taking ourselves too seriously and still powering through when the situation warrants. Imagine being all about that... reminds me of... you. As I read the notes from lots of high quality folks I run into from time to time it is wonderful to see that we all recognize the important things... that you are about. Is it embarrassing that I got to watch the movie Hot Dog for the first time with you, your mother and my mother? Probably... probably... I guess I'll have to power through that memory...Happy Birthday Fella.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 14:58:30 EST 2003)

Rob Magwood
Toronto, ON CDA
Happy b-day bro... heading to the Raps tanight to drink big beers and be a mildly beligerent fan (I'll try and make you proud). You should be sitting beside me, but I know you're with me. Your sly smile and love of life are missed every day. We will try and do your 10,200 day (and especially night...) justice. Keep it tight Pedro. Miss you.
(Added on Fri Dec 5 15:12:58 EST 2003)

Kristy Westbrooke
Collingwood, ON CDA
If only there could be an invention that bottled up a memory like a scent, and it never faded, and it never got stale, and then when you wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked and it would be like living the moment over again". Happy Birthday Pete. I'm sure anyone who had the opportunity to celebrate one of your birthdays with you would love to be able to pop that bottle open and live the moment over again. That day that night, December 5th. missing you Pete, love Droops
(Added on Fri Dec 5 16:14:34 EST 2003)

Lynn O Toole
Toronto, ON CDA
ete and I worked together at Nesbitt Burns. He was always my favorite guy in the branch. Neither one of us were very happy working there and somedays we would revolt by spending the entire afternoon emailing silly messages back and forth. I can still see Petes head shaking as he tried to conceal his laughter behind his monitor.
Pete, Josh, my friend Annabelle and I spent many a night having drinks, and talking about life. Pete and I would chat for hours about relationships and travel and human nature. He always had such a great outlook, but mainly I liked him because he was sweet, polite and kind hearted. I will really miss seeing his shy smile and yelling EL CROMPO whenever I saw him. Happy Birthday Pete. You are greatly missed.
Lynn O Toole
(Added on Fri Dec 5 16:57:24 EST 2003)

Bulent Pakdil
Toronto (Nesbitt Burns) CDA
Dear Pete,
I will raise a toast to you today and every year on your birthday. We miss your company.
Your Friend,
(Added on Fri Dec 5 16:58:07 EST 2003)

Jimmy and Janet Hammond
Collingwood, ON CDA
Happy Birthday Pete - know that we're all thinking of you and wishing we could celebrate with you. We miss you everyday, but couldn't let this one go by. Happy Birthday!
Jimmy and Janet Hammond
(Added on Fri Dec 5 17:07:30 EST 2003)

Amanda Traub
Toronto, ON CDA
happy birthday pedro. i miss you. Its not going to be the same celebrating over the holidays without you, but you are in our hearts and in our heads reminding us to really 'go hard'. Your warmth will be missed during the holidays and always. love pants
(Added on Fri Dec 5 17:20:15 EST 2003)

Anne Louise Genest
Whitehorse, YT CDA
Thinking of you Pete on your birthday and remembering the day i first met you - just after your first birthday. I was a geeky thirteen year old learning how to change your diaper so that i could start my babysitting career with you and Jeff. I cherish my memories of the times i spent with you and your family way back then. "Down their duck pants" is an expression we still use in the Genest family. I'm sorry that i never got to meet you again as an adult, as the vibrant and compassionate person you so obviously grew into, judging from the heartfelt testimonials written by your friends and loved ones. Thank you to everyone who has been writing in and sharing your memories of Pete - you have brough him to life for someone who last saw him when he was eight years old.
Ken, Judy, and Jeff, i think about you everyday and send my love and prayers. love anne louise
(Added on Fri Dec 5 17:35:13 EST 2003)

Clay Dolan
Collingwood, ON CDA
Happy birthday Pete
Added on Fri Dec 5 18:05:22 EST 2003)

Steve Overgaard
Collingwood, ON CDA
The air was fresh, the snow white and crisp, an azure sky with bright sunshine streaming through the trees. A perfect early winter day in Collingwood - the kind of day that would coax out that legendary Pete Crompton smile. A great day. A special day. Here's to you Pete! Happy Birthday. Ken, Judy and Jeff, thinking about you, every day. Steve and Darlene
(Added on Fri Dec 5 18:24:40 EST 2003)

when pete was here, this day was for carousing, enjoying family, and of course, getting gear to get out there and 'giv'er'. now, this is a day to celebrate the gift that was pete and the family that helped make him so special. pete's memory is with me each day and in particular today. since the day we lost pete he has sailed thousands of miles of blue ocean, dropped dozens of cliffs and inspired all of us to be as great as pedro. on this your day, i feel your spirit and hold it close to my heart. i miss you with a huge smile. lots-a love. d.
Added on Fri Dec 5 18:36:15 EST 2003)

Becca Biggs
Collingwood, ON CDA
Happy Birthday Pete!
(Added on Fri Dec 5 08:23:00 EST 2003)

Jasper Blake
Victoria, BC CDA
Happy Birthday Pete! The wind was blowing like stink in Victoria today. I was running with Swirvin Irvin and we were thinking that you would be rippen it up while we tried to figure out how to rig our gear. Think about you pretty much every day, I have a bitchin picture of you on my computer wallpaper, taking massive air. Miss ya man. jazz
(Added on Fri Dec 5 21:04:53 EST 2003)